To start with, make sure you know where downloads go on your computer. Sometimes your product downloaded and you may not realize it. If you get a spinning wheel or download that will not end, check and make sure your firewall is not blocking the file. Sometimes firewalls will either block a download or even cause it to be corrupted. If this may be the case, temporarily turn off your firewall to download the products. If you get a white screen on a Mac, usually your file did download. You just need to find it.


After you successfully download, if you get errors when you upzip it, you may not have allowed it to download completely. Please re-try and give it more time. Since the files are zipped on a mac, they may create two separate folders when PC users view them. You need to discard the one that starts with ._ if you are on a PC as these will appear empty to you. Look in the folder with just the name.


When unzipping on a PC, make sure you “open” rather than “save” when unzipping the files. Customers who had trouble said this was the fix for them. If these options do not work, try another web browser, such as Firefox, IE, Safari, Flock, Opera, etc. As a last case scenario, if you own a 2nd computer, try using it.

We hear that the best unzipping software is winzip and 7zip. Customers who use one of these two programs rarely ever have unzipping issues. You may want to try one of them.


If you still cannot get paid items to download or unzip correctly after multiple tries, I can manually send them to you. Please contact me within 3 days of purchase. I cannot offer this service for free actions and presets.