To attend MCP Actions Online Group Workshops and Private Trainings, you need a high-speed Internet connection and an up to date web browser to view my screen via the Go To Meeting Software. You will see my screen after clicking the web link provided. There is no additional cost to you for using this program.

All trainings are conducted via You will receive a link that provides you access to the training session. You will have options for the audio portion of the workshop. To see the training, you will click on the link provided to you, Then you select one of two audio options:

1. Telephone: for this option you will choose a dial-in number (normal long distance rates apply). If you choose this option, you are welcome to use a speaker so your hands are free, as long as you mute your line. When you have questions, just un-mute.

2. Microphone/Speakers: To use your computer’s built-in microphone/speaker system, choose that option upon login. You can use your speakers on your computer to listen. If you have a built in mic just mute yourself so others do not hear echoing and background noise. If you listen through a speaker (but have no mic) you will just use the chat window to type questions or comments. If you have a USB headset with a microphone, you can speak and ask questions that way.

In Private Workshops, to hear the audio portion if you are in the US or Canada, I will call you on the phone.