In one-on-one workshops I work directly with you on your specific questions, pictures and issues. In group workshops a number of photographers attend the same training. In the one-on-one private workshops I can go over photography and photoshop questions, as well as off topic areas like social networking and marketing. These classes are customized to your needs.

The group workshops have a curriculum and are very structured and cover the specific topics thoroughly. These classes are done for small groups of 8-15 people to keep things fresh and enjoyable. I do not offer Group Workshop topics as one-on-one workshops. In a Private Workshop, we can reinforce what you have learned from group classes and apply these lessons to your pictures.

With group classes we work on a wide variety of images and you have the benefit of hearing answers to questions from other participants.

Photographers benefit from private training when they have many topics for clarification, fine tuning after group classes or specific pictures they need help with. Photographers benefit from group trainings when they want an in depth understanding of a specific Photoshop area.