First, make sure you have the correct action installed for your Photoshop version. This is the number one cause of errors. Also make sure the file is unzipped properly.

At this time, many features of Photoshop are only available in 8-bit mode. If you shoot raw and you use LR or ACR, you may be exporting as 16-bit/32-bit files. You will need to convert to 8-bit if the action steps are unable to work in 16-bit/32-bit. In the top toolbar, go under IMAGE – MODE – and check off 8-bit.

If you are in the right mode, and get an error such as “The object layer background is not currently available” it may mean you have renamed your background layer. If the action calls upon the background, it cannot work without one. You will want to create a merged layer (or flattened layer) of your work up to this point, and then name it “Background” so that you can use the action.